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About Meerut

2015-06-24 03:34:34 3 By: John Times Read: 340
About Meerut

Meerut is the second largest city in the National Capital region, and as of 2011 the 33rd most populous urban agglomeration and the 26th most populous city in India.[7][8] It ranked 292 in 2006 and is projected to rank 242 in 2020 in the list of largest cities and urban areas in the world.[9] The municipal area (as of 2001) is 141.89 km2 (54.78 sq mi)[10] with the cantonment covering 35.68 km2 (3,568.06 ha).[11] The city is one of the largest producers of sports goods, and the largest producer of musical instruments in India. The city is also an education hub in western Uttar Pradesh. Meerut is also known as the "Sports City Of India". The city is famous for being the starting point of the 1857 rebellion against British colonial rule.

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